5 Meditation Techniques For Beginners

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Many people are looking at meditation to find a new way to improve their mental health. Although most meditation techniques are fairly simple to practice, many of us don’t take the time to do it. We feel that our days are too hectic, that our mind is full of chatter, or that we don’t have the energy for it. Unfortunately, if we don’t actively make the change, none of those reasons will become less. Therefore, you will now get 5 simple meditation techniques that will help you make the change and achieve more mindfulness.

The 5 Meditation Techniques

These 5 techniques are perfect for beginners and can help you achieve better mental health. You can get started right away in the comfort of your home or in a public setting.

1. Breathing Meditation

If you are just starting with your meditation practice, this is one of the best meditation techniques. This ancient and powerful technique is extremely effective to start getting results. First, you need to take a comfortable position and pay close attention to your breathing. Your breathing needs to be your mind’s only point of focus during this exercise. However, if your mind wanders off, then just bring your focus back to your breathing. You start by closing your eyes and observing your breathing. Pay close attention to every breath you take in and out. Continue this process for the entire meditation session.

2. Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is similar to the breathing meditation technique. But here, you need to pay attention to all the sensations in your entire body. You need to be fully present in mindfulness meditation. The practice starts with a focus on your breathing but continues to the entire body. Allow yourself to feel any sensation running through your body during the session. Observe all the sensations without judging or analyzing the experiences they bring.

It would help if you changed your meditation posture for different sessions to welcome new sensations. You can read about 4 simple meditation postures here.

3. Empty Minded Meditation

When you practice this empty-minded meditation, you don’t have a specific focus. Like the other meditation methods, you need to sit comfortably in a quiet place without any distractions. First off, you close your eyes and let all your thoughts float freely in your mind. Then you observe each thought without bringing any judgment or attachment to them. Just let them flow freely in and out while paying attention to their existence.

4. Mantra Meditation

This meditation technique has a unique difference from the other meditation techniques. Here, the purpose is to bring your mind into a state of tranquility. You do that by repeating a sacred word or phrase over and over. One of the most popular sacred words for the practice is “aum.” You can decide if you want to repeat the mantra in silence or out loud. It’s recommended to try both methods to find what works best for you and get a variety in your practice.

5. Walking Meditation

The walking meditation technique can be done anywhere and doesn’t require a quiet place. In fact, you can practice this technique in any setting. You can take a walk in a park, on the beach or any other place that you prefer. It’s a great technique if you don’t think you can sit still for a long period. Your focus needs to be on your body as it moves when you practice this technique. Focus on how you lift and extend your legs, how your arms swing, and how your feet rise and touch the ground. Whenever your mind begins to wander or get distracted from other people, just bring your focus back on how you move your body.

More Meditation Techniques

You can find more meditation techniques inside our complete meditation guide. In our guide, you will learn about other methods and go more into depth with some of the above. Read more about our meditation guide here.

How To Use The Meditation Techniques

All the 5 above meditation techniques are easy to get started with by yourself. Just follow the instructions and try to take them for a spin. You can both use them as they are or include them in your existing meditation practices.

Meditation Techniques


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