Are You Taking The Wrong Shortcut To Happiness?

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Almost everyone wants to feel happy all the time. But our lives can be hard at times, and that makes happiness very hard to find. As a result, many people are looking for a shortcut to happiness. And, wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to be happy on command?

Of course! As a matter of fact, many of us already use a shortcut to happiness, but it’s not necessarily good for us. Because if your shortcut to happiness is negative, you are probably addicted to bad mental habits.

Let’s take a short look at what happiness is. The definition from Vocabulary says: “Happiness is a state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.” Thereby, happiness is achieved with emotions from feeling joy and content. These are very positive emotions, so negative thoughts shouldn’t be a part of the happiness experience.

The great thing is that anyone can learn to be happy even though you might feel like something is missing in your life. That you have past traumas, you don’t feel like you can recover from. Or that there are certain things you can’t do.

Happiness is a state of mind. It’s a choice. It’s a bit deeper than just telling yourself, “I am happy.” because if your wife just left you, your car broke down, and you got fired from your job, telling yourself that you are happy might not do the trick.

So, what should your shortcut to happiness be? And, how do you make sure that it’s not the wrong way?

The Shortcut To Unhappiness

If you are like most people, who think that happiness is connected to possessions, you might be using this shortcut. You want “a better life for yourself.” and you want to get that by earning more money, living in a bigger house, and driving a nicer car. Although all these things could be nice, they probably won’t give you the happiness you deserve.

First, you have to ask yourself: “Do I compare myself to other people?” Because this is almost a certain way to become unhappy. You can often end up comparing yourself to people who have something that you don’t. People who have achieved something that you haven’t.

You often dismiss the people that don’t have anything in life. Maybe you feel like they are beneath you. That you passed them in life and you are looking towards a better future. Therefore, you want to compare yourself with the people who got success. Who got the beautiful wife, the good job that won the big jackpot, or whatever else you feel that is missing in your life.

But, what happens when you compare the worst things in your life with others? You are only looking at the positive side. Seeing the big house, the expensive car, the beautiful life partner, and so forth. You forget about the other side of the equation.

The Equation

You forget about all the hard work and sacrifices it takes to get there. The only focus you have is what there is missing. When you do that, it’s like telling yourself that you can’t achieve that. That you don’t have the capabilities to get it.

Even though you feel like you envy because you want inspiration, you aren’t. You are just envying. You might even feel like you have the right to that too. But, did you put in all the work and all the sacrifices?

No matter how positive you feel, when you do this, it can kill your good mood.

The Wrong Shortcut To Happiness

Similarly, some people have found that they can use a shortcut to happiness. Where they compare themselves to people, they feel they are better than them. For example, the people with broken homes, who suffer from addiction, have a minimum wage job, and so on. But, unfortunately, this is a very negative way to achieve happiness.

It can be easy for some people to find happiness when you tell yourself: “It could be worse, it could be like for Mike who has all these bad things happening in his life.”

Regardless of how good it can make you feel to think like that, it’s filled with negativity. It a negative mental habit that you repeat again and again. If you are aware of this, it might embarrass you, and you might even hate doing it. You may want a better attitude or want to live up to higher values, but keep repeating the habit.

It’s just like any other bad habit. For example, take a smoker. They may love to smoke a cigarette, but they hate the side effects of coughing tirelessly and risk developing cancer. But, it’s a habit. And they are addicted to it. Just like you can be to a mental habit.

We know it isn’t good, but we can’t stop doing it. Even though you know that you shouldn’t compare yourself with Mike, you can’t stop. The same applies when you compare yourself to Sarah, who has everything in life, including the mansion and the nice car. But, how can you stop this mental pattern?

The Better Shortcut To Happiness

There is an alternative to this addiction. You just need a technique to enhance your self-awareness. This can help you break this mental pattern and be a direct shortcut to happiness. A happiness that isn’t created from negativity but through awareness and appreciation.

This method is thousands of years old and doesn’t require a shrink or drugs. And, you just have to dedicate a small amount of time regularly. The method you are looking for is meditation. It can help you break your negative mental habits and give you a shortcut to happiness.

In meditation, you can use the power of your mind to overcome a wide range of mental health concerns. It will help you relax more, stress less, and manage your anxiety.

And, best of all, you can learn how to get started today. So, start breaking your bad habits and find happiness in new ways now.

How To Get Started Today

All you have to do is follow our complete meditation guide. It will teach you everything you need to know about meditation. In addition, you learn about the myths, benefits, techniques, and much more. So start breaking free from your mental chains today.

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